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Has anyone else want to see luffy go back to his home island with his crew. Plus the original 5 go back to see their home islands. I would like to see the crews reaction to luffy's home town. and also brook to see laboon. Has any one else thought about this or is it just me. just wondering.
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Has anyone else want to see luffy go back to his home island with his crew. Plus the original 5 go back to see their home islands. I would like to see the crews reaction to luffy's home town. and also brook to see laboon. Has any one else thought about this or is it just me. just wondering.
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  • Watching: One piece
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Chapter 4: Hospital

I DO NOT OWN ANTTHING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro on FanFiction. On to the story.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Once they arrived at the hospital, Ace and Sabo went up to the receptionist and found the room they needed. As soon as they opened the door, they saw two people; Thatch and an unconscious Luffy. When Thatch didn't turn to face the door, Ace immediately presumed the man was the cause.

Immediately, Ace walked up to Thatch, grabbed his shirt, and picked him up off the chair he had been sitting on. As Ace raised his fist to punch the man, Sabo grabbed his wrist.

"Let go Sabo!" Ace shouted angrily.

"He didn't do it. You don't need to injure innocent people." Sabo said calmly.

"How do you know? You weren't there." Ace growled.

"You weren't either." Sabo reminded. "Also, if he did this to the kid then why would he be here?"

After a few moments of thinking, Ace released Thatch. "What happened?" Ace asked bluntly.

"He was rambling… Then he just… fainted." Thatch said.

"Rambling about what?" a voice asked from behind Ace and Sabo.

Immediately, everyone in the room – except Luffy – turned to the doorway and saw Law standing there. He looked bored, causing the three conscious men to wonder why he was there.

"What are you doing here Lance?" Sabo asked calmly.

"First of all, you call me Law. No other name is of acceptance. Second, I felt like it. I can't fully explain as to why. Third, answer my previous question. What was he rambling about?" Law stated.

"Weird stuff. Most of it was incoherent. But there was something he kept repeating, almost like he was worried, scared, or sad. It was a name." Thatch explained.

"And the name was?" Ace asked with frustration.

"Yours." Thatch stated simply. "He kept repeating 'Ace'. Each time he said it, it looked like he was about to cry. Right before he passed out, he muttered something that sounded like a shocked and horrified question. He said 'Ace died'."

"Che. I'm sure he'd be happy if that happened." Ace muttered, turning his head away from Luffy and Thatch

"He had tears in his eyes dumbass!" Thatch shouted.

"What'd you just call me?" Ace questioned quietly as he slowly turned his head towards Thatch.

"He was worrying about you. He looked like he was about to cry because he thought he saw your dead body and you say he'd be happy to see you dead? How stupidly selfish are you?" Thatch questioned.

"Call me that again. See what happens." Ace threatened.

"Both of you, stop this. We're in a hospital in case you've forgotten." Sabo scolded.

"Have the doctors said anything yet?" Law asked as he walked over to Luffy's bed.

"Nothing at all." Thatch said sadly.

"I wonder why…" Law muttered to himself as he looked over Luffy and the few documents that were in the room.

For the next few minutes, nobody said a word. The only sound being from the men as they sat in a chair and waited for the boy to wake. The only person who chose not to sit was Law, who was too busy looking through the folder of Luffy's past medical issues and other information. The silence was so heavy that even the sound of Law turning a page echoed within the white walls. Soon enough, they all heard the sound of footsteps heading towards the room they were in. When the footsteps quieted at their door, they all felt as if they needed to cover their ears at the sudden voice.

"Luffy…" a man whispered as he slowly entered the room.

As the small echo faded from the room, the conscious occupants all turned towards the owner of the voice. He had wide black eyes that were partially covered by his bright red hair and three scars that ran over his left eye. His mouth was partially open due to shock causing the light beard and mustache to be noticed by the men. He had a partially opened white shirt on with a black jacket on top of that along with lose dark brown pants that stopped a little below his knees and just above his sandals.

Quickly, the man ran into the room and went straight to Luffy. "What happened…? Is he going to be alright?" the man asked quickly and worriedly.

"He'll be fine." Law said, not looking up from the documents in his hand. "There's nothing wrong with him physically. He hasn't woken up yet so they aren't sure of his mental state. So far it looks like he collapsed due to anxiety. They aren't fully sure because they haven't been able to question him."

Everyone in the room soon let out a sigh of relief.

"That's good to hear." Sabo muttered before turning his attention back to the man. "My apologies but I didn't quite catch your name."

"That's because he didn't say it. Also, you did it again." Ace stated.

"Shut up." Sabo whispered to Ace.

"My name's Shaun Karls. I'm sorry but who are you? Luffy doesn't talk much about his friends." The man said with a small amused smile.

"Law." Said mad muttered, not looking up from the papers in his hands.

"Tony Hatcher. Thatch." Thatch introduced.

"Che. Yeah right I'm his friend. Stupid Monkey…" Ace muttered, saying the last part quieter than the rest.

"I'm guessing you're Spade?" The man asked with a small smirk.

"Oh? So Monkey talks about me? Great." Ace said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

"Yeah." The man said with a small chuckle. "He says you're a jerk half the time."

"Half the time?" Sabo questioned with shock.

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Ace questioned angrily.

"He told me 'Half the time, Spade is a jerk. But then there's also a good side of him. I'd hate to see him without Sabo'." the man said with a chuckle.

"I would hate to see him without me as well." Sabo said with a chuckle.

"Shut it." Ace muttered.

"I'm guessing you're Sabo?" the man asked, turning to said boy.

"Correct. Nice to meet you Mr. Karls." Sabo said with a smile.

"Please. Call me Shanks." The man, Shanks, said.

"If I may ask then, how do you know Luffy?" Sabo asked.

"He's my son." Shanks said with a smile.

"Wait, what?" Thatch asked with confusion and shock while everyone else had wide eyes.

"I'm his father." Shanks stated.

"But… You don't have the same name." Ace said.

"When he was born, his mother and I decided to use her name." Shanks said with a sad smile.

"Why isn't she here?" Law asked.

"She died a little after Luffy was born. It was a horrible car accident. She died immediately." Shanks said sadly.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Sabo said with some shock.

"Don't be. It wasn't your fault. It was some drunk driver on the wrong side of the road. I'm just happy Luffy was with me at the time." Shanks said as he looked at his son.

"Sorry to interrupt but… Do you know if he's been spacing out lately?" Thatch asked.

"Not at all. He's been perfectly fine until now." Shanks said.

"Strange… If you don't mind, I'd like to question him when he awakes." Law said.

"What would you be asking?" Shanks questioned.

"Are you going to do the same thing you did with Ace?" Sabo asked.

"I would like to. So far it sounds as if they're having the same experiences." Law stated.

"What are you talking about?" Shanks asked.

"I'd like to say a few names to him and see how he reacts. Simple as that." Law informed.

"Why?" Shanks asked.

"If my presumptions are correct then he is going through the same issue as Spade here." Law said, only to be cut off by said man.

"You never fully explained that. You said I hit my head." Ace commented.

"That's because I didn't want to tell you what I believed before I found out for certain. I also didn't want to tell you something complex and be forced to explain it for the rest of the day." Law stated.

"Hey!" Ace shouted with annoyance.

"Would you be willing to state your belief?" Sabo asked, holding Ace back.

"Good sir, I do believe you are doing it again." Ace said teasingly.

Sabo sighed before hitting Ace in the head and looking at Law. "Please explain."

"Of course. Judging by Spade's reactions to the people I mentioned, I believe he's gaining the memories of his past counterpart. Meaning, he might as well be turning into Portgas." Law explained.

'Very close. I expected nothing less.'

Ace immediately started looking around the room for the owner of the voice. "Did… you guys hear something?" Ace asked cautiously.

"And he ignored what I said…" Law sighed.

"No, I'm talking about after you finished speaking. It sounded like someone saying 'Very close. I excepted nothing less'." Ace said.

"I didn't hear anything." Thatch stated.

"Who did it sound like?" Law asked.

"Not sure… I could hear the words but no voice… That doesn't make sense does it?" Ace questioned.

"Congratulations. You have voices in your head." Sabo said.

"Are you calling me crazy?" Ace asked.

"Very." Sabo stated.

"Screw you." Ace said before going over to his chair. After about five minutes of tuning out the coversation, Ace was asleep.


When he opened his eyes, Ace saw he was alone on a ship. He walked around the ship for a few moments before stopping at a door. He looked at the plaque carefully with curiosity.

"'Second Division Commander Portgas D. Ace.'" Ace read aloud before looking up and down the hall. "Where am I?"

"Moby Dick." A familiar voice said from behind Ace.

As Ace turned around to see who was behind him, his eyes widened. In front of him stood a copy of himself. The copy had on black shorts with two orange brown belts and a belt buckle with a red 'A' on it along with a small, light blue pouch around his left thigh. He wasn't wearing a shirt, for reasons Ace couldn't decipher. Soon he noticed the bright orange cowboy hat on the man's head and the bright blue medallions that decorated it; one smiling evilly and the other frowning. He then noticed the medallion that hung from the hat and laid perfectly in the center of his chest; the skull of a bull carved into it with two pieces of bamboo and a red tassel hanging from it. Next he noticed the orange elbow guard on the copies left elbow and the black tattoo above that.

"If that's supposed to be your name than you're either stupid or history teachers are wrong." Ace said.

"I did it like that on purpose. It's a tribute to the brother I thought died." The copy said.

"So you're him, huh?" Ace asked.

"Portgas D. Ace." The copy, Portgas, said with a tip of the hat.

"Spade D. Ace." Spade introduced dully with a shrug.

"Well that's original." Portgas said with a small smirk.

"Hey. Blame my parents. I didn't chose it." Spade informed.

"But you know what they say; Ace of Spades is the strongest card." Portgas commented.

"See! That's what I tell everyone and they just look at me like I'm crazy!" Spade said.

Immediately, Portgas had burst out laughing and was holding his stomach.

"What are you laughing at!?" Spade shouted.

"You're complaining about being crazy while talking to a past version of yourself. I'm sorry but the wrong thing is being called crazy." Portgas said after his laughter calmed.

"What?" Spade questioned.

"Which is crazier? Your name or the fact that you're talking to a man who was alive hundreds of years ago?" Portgas questioned.

"I have to say my name on that one. This is a dream so it's allowed to be weird." Spade stated.

"So what you're saying is, I'm just a figment of your imagination?" Portgas asked.

"Basically." Spade said.

"That is where you're wrong." Portgas stated.

"Excuse me?" Spade questioned with annoyance.

"You're wrong. Incorrect. What you said is false. That's a lie." Portgas listed but was cut off before continuing.

"What are you talking about?" Spade nearly growled out of annoyance.

"I'm not a dream. I'm not a figment of your imagination. I'm the real Portgas D. Ace. You are my reincarnation." Portgas stated.

"Bullshit!" Spade shouted.

"You really need to stop yelling. And stop with all the anger." Portgas muttered.

"What are you? A hippie?" Spade questioned.

"I'm as much of a hippie as you are kind and generous." Portgas stated.

"Screw you." Spade muttered. "Why are you here?"

"That's a good question. I'm here because of you and the others." Portgas informed.

"What do you mean? And who are you talking about?" Spade questioned.

"Do you know how rare it is for someone to meet somebody they knew in a past life?" Portgas asked with a small grin.

"Pretty rare right?" Spade asked.

"Very. And yet you've done it with more than one person!" Portgas said with a grin.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Spade asked.

"Luffy, Sabo, Thatch, Law, Shanks and so many others! You've done the impossible and met most of the people I've met! Same with the other five! You've all met more than one person from your past life. With each person you meet comes a little more of your past." Portgas informed.

"So?" Spade pressed on.

"So! You've met enough people to gain most of my memories and my consciousness! Because you've met so many people, you might as well be me!" Portgas stated.

"You're so original." Spade said with sarcasm. "Law already said that."

"Well it's the truth. My Luffy is most likely talking to yours. My Sabo is subtle so he's taking his time and waiting for the perfect moment. Thatch just met you so he should be finding out soon. Law hates people, even your Law because the kid is naïve compared to him, so he's probably trying to avoid it. Shanks… He most likely already knows but is playing innocent." Portgas informed.

"And you chose now, why?" Spade questioned.

"Because it seemed like the right time. You're slowly getting used to Luffy and you're trying to fight it. You're confused as to why and I figured I should explain. You like the kid because he was my little brother." Portgas stated.

"Bullshit. I hate Monkey more than anything or anyone! Always have, always will! This is nothing more than a dream and I refuse to believe anything you have to say otherwise." Spade shouted.

Portgas chuckled. "That's exactly how I was when I first met Lu."

Without another word, Portgas faded from existence as the ship faded into darkness. Spade stood in the empty void for a good few moments before he slowly started to fade.


Slowly, Ace opened his eyes and looked around. After a few moments, he remembered where he was. He stood out of the uncomfortable chair and stretched, trying to crack his back. He soon realized everyone in the room was asleep; Sabo and Law were asleep in their own chairs while Thatch was asleep in the corner on the floor and Shanks was asleep against Luffy's bed, his arms crossed and being used as a pillow.

Quickly, Ace left the room and started heading to a nearby coffee stand. The whole time he was walking, he had been thinking about his dream. Soon enough, he was annoyed of the thought and shook his head to lose the subject. When he stopped shaking his head, he realized he was at the stand he was looking for. He walked up to the counter and asked for a medium cup of coffee. Once he got his cup, he paid the worker and headed back to the room, talking sips of the brown liquid from time to time.

Once he was in the same hall as the room he was previously in, he heard voices coming from his destination. Slowly he walked up to the room and looked in to see everyone, even Luffy, was awake. He took a peek at his watch and saw he was gone for about ten minutes at most. Ignoring his question of how they all woke up so fast, he walked in.

"The hell are you doing here!?" Luffy shouted.

"Nice to see you too brat." Ace muttered sarcastically as he sat in his chair and took another sip of coffee. "How was your little nap?"

Luffy was gradually shocked. He had been expecting the man to yell at him but instead stayed calm. Soon his shock turned to confusion.

"He hit his head or something?" Luffy whispered to Sabo.

"I can hear you. And no I didn't hit my head. Why is that everyone's first question?" Ace said, muttering the last part to himself.

"He's fine. Believe it or not he was worried about you." Sabo said.

"No I wasn't." Ace grumbled.

"He's the same person right? The guy who hates my guts and would love to pick a fight with me at any moment?" Luffy questioned.

"Same guy, yes." Sabo stated.

"So… Why isn't he trying to kill me?" Luffy asked.

"Because I have enough respect to not hurt someone in a hospital." Ace stated with annoyance.

"I didn't know you had respect of any kind." Luffy commented with fake shock.

"Luffy." Shanks warned.

"Sorry…" Luffy said.

"What's up with you?" Thatch questioned curiously.

"What do you mean?" Luffy asked confusedly.

"Earlier you were so happy then you started freaking out. All of a sudden, you started calling out to him and cried when you thought he was dead! Now you hate his guts? What the hell!?" Thatch questioned.

"Wait, what!? I don't remember any of that! And why would I cry about Spade!? I hate him! Always have, always will!" Luffy shouted.

"At least we can agree on one thing." Ace muttered.

"Stop it." Sabo growled with annoyance.

"But Sabo!" Ace and Luffy whined.

"No buts! Now stop whining!" Sabo commanded.

"Fine…" Ace and Luffy muttered, before looking at each other in shock then looking away.

11636916 by 1Roxas14

Chapter 3: Attack
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro On FanFiction. On to the story. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After he regained his senses outside of the class, Luffy had gone to his usual spot during lunch. As he walked up to the tree he always ate at, he couldn't help but smile. It was a secret spot, unless he told someone about it that is, so that meant it was quiet. It was on a small hill that almost nobody went to. The tree was a good size, allowing him to lay down and avoid the rays of the sun, unless he decided to be in them. He sat down and leaned against the tree and closed his eyes. It was perfect weather. Sunny, no clouds, a nice breeze, warm but not too warm. Luffy loved days like today.

He took a few moments to just listen as the breeze returned and caused the leaves, the grass, and his hair to gently sway. He took in a deep breath and could smell everything around him, especially the burgers from the cafeteria. Quickly, his stomach broke the silence that he loved.

Luffy chuckled silently before turning to his lunch and grabbing the Saulsberry steak he had left over from the night before. He quickly finished it, along with the extra snacks he had. He smiled as he watched some birds flying away and off into the distance.

"Hey… You're Luffy, right?" A voice asked, break said boys peaceful silence.

Luffy looked at the person, who somehow found his secret place, and looked him over. The man was of average height, but most likely taller than Luffy. He had orange brown hair, pulled up into a pompadour, along with a black goatee. Luffy silently questioned that but then remembered the existence of hair dye. He had a scar that seemed to curve around his left eye and a grin.

Luffy slowly nodded before speaking. "Who are you?"

The man gasped dramatically as he put his hand over his mouth and looked as if he had seen a ghost. Luffy couldn't help but laugh at the man's reaction. The man smiled again and laughed as well.

"Tony. Tony Hatcher. Friends call me Thatch." The man said after his laughter had calmed.

"Nice to meet you Thatch. I'm Luffy." Luffy said as he calmed down as well.

"I know that." Thatch stated with a smile. "Hey, you mind if I sit with you? I can't find anyone today."

"Sure. Go ahead." Luffy said.

"Thanks." Thatch said as he sat next to Luffy and under the tree. "It's really nice here. I didn't think there was a spot like this on campus."

"Everyone avoids it. They think it's just another boring hill. They don't realize the view up here." Luffy informed.

"View?" Thatch asked.

"Yeah. Didn't you see it when you were coming up?" Luffy asked curiously.

"See what?" Thatch questioned.

Luffy chuckled before he stood and told the man to follow him. Thatch groaned, since he had just sat down, but stood and did as told. Slowly, he realized what Luffy was talking about. The small hill they were on was actually a large cliff that looked over a gorgeous valley.

"It's better when the sun sets. It goes down directly in between the mountains and it makes the town and everything else look like magic. I know it sounds stupid, but that's really the only way to explain it." Luffy informed.

"I guess I'll have to see it later. I can't believe nobody's ever noticed this before." Thatch said, still slightly in shock of the view.

"You can't know what's behind the wall if you don't know the wall exists." Luffy stated.

"What?" Thatch asked, confused.

"Never mind." Luffy chuckled.

Thatch sighed. "Whatever."

After a few moments, Luffy turned around and went back to where he had been sitting. Soon, Thatch followed the boy and sat next to him. After some moments, Thatch decided to ask the question that had been bothering him since the beginning of lunch.

"Hey Luffy?" Thatch called, only for said boy to hum in recognition. "What you said in history… Was that all true?"

"What'd I say?" Luffy asked, looking at his new friend.

"You said you were related to the second Pirate King. And technically the first." Thatch stated.

"What do you mean?" Luffy asked.

"I mean, the second Pirate King was brothers with the first Pirate Kings son. So wouldn't they be related?" Thatch thought aloud.

"That's not what I asked. I meant, what do you mean I said I was related to him?" Luffy asked, slightly panicked.

"The professor kept telling you to talk about the second Pirate King. You said you were related to him and named after him. You even said how close he was to his brothers and everything. How'd you know all that?" Thatch questioned.

"I… I don't…" Luffy muttered as he stared at the grass beneath him.

"What?" Thatch asked, having not heard.

"I don't know anything about him. All I know is that I'm related to him and that I was named after him." Luffy informed.

"Sure dude, come on. You can tell me." Thatch said.

"I'm not lying! I really don't know anything about him!" Luffy said, starting to panic.

"Hey hey! Alright. Calm down." Thatch said.

Slowly, Luffy started calming down before sighing and muttering, "My gramps is gonna kill me…"

"You already said that earlier in class." Thatch said with a small smile as he noticed the boy had calmed enough.

"I did?" Luffy questioned.

"Yeah. Luffy how much do you remember from the last few minutes of class?" Thatch asked.

"I remember seeing that picture of Sabo and, right as the professor was changing slides, I blinked and was all of a sudden out of the class and in the hallway…" Luffy stated.

"You really don't remember anything you said?" Thatch asked.

"Nothing. There were a few moments that I can't really remember. I thought I was just falling asleep, but then that happened…" Luffy informed.

"Weird… You hit your head?" Thatch questioned.

"Don't think so…" Luffy said.

"Hm…" Thatch sounded as he thought about it.

"Hey. Promise you won't tell anyone else about who I'm related to?" Luffy asked, practically begging.

"Promise." Thatch said with a smirk.

"Thanks." Luffy said with a smile.

'Get out of here!'

"Make me!" Luffy shouted as he turned his head and glared, only to stare at an empty space.

"Luffy…?" Thatch questioned. "You okay?"

"Huh? But I thought I heard Spade…" Luffy muttered.

"'Spade'? Oh you mean Ace right?" Thatch asked.

"Yeah… I thought I heard him shouting for me to leave…" Luffy muttered in confusion.

"That's weird. I didn't hear anything." Thatch said.

'I… can't speak loud enough for the others to hear it. Please… pass on… what I'm about to say. Oyaji… Everyone… And you, Luffy… Even though… I'm so worthless… Even though… I carry the blood of a demon… Thank you… for loving me!'

Luffy was shocked. He was completely frozen with wide eyes. Slowly he looked down and at his hands. Blood covered the palms of his hands. He lifted his head slightly and was suddenly staring at Ace. Dead with a hole in his chest and a smile on his face. Unknowingly, tear started to fall from his eyes.

"Ace…?" Luffy questioned quietly.

"Luffy? Hey Luffy. Luffy! Snap out of it!" Thatch shouted, trying to wake the boy.

Luffy tensed when he felt two hands on his shoulders and was soon being shaken. His eyes never left the blood on his hands or the dead man in front of him. Soon he was shaking uncontrollably and muttering random words, some not coming out clearly as a word. Some words though, came out very clear.

"Ace… died…?" Luffy muttered, shocking Thatch.

"Luffy! Ace is alive! He's fine!" Thatch shouted. 'Why is he so freaked out? Doesn't he hate Ace? I thought they wanted to kill each other…' Thatch thought to himself.

"I don't… want to be… alone anymore…" Luffy whispered before fainting.

"Luffy!" Thatch shouted in panic.

Quickly, Thatch grabbed his stuff, Luffy's bag, and the boy himself. He ran at full speed to the nurses office, hoping to help the boy. Once he got there, he laid the boy on the bed and waited for the nurse to come in. Moments later, the nurse walked in and was shocked.

"What happened?" the nurse asked.

"He was acting weird. Saying he didn't remember the last few minutes of class, then he was hearing voices. He was acting like he saw a ghost when he started saying random words then fainted." Thatch informed, hurriedly.

"What did he say? Anything coherent?" The nurse asked as she started checking Luffy for wounds.

"He was saying 'Ace' a lot… Right before he passed out, he said Ace died." Thatch explained.

"I don't believe there's anything I can do. I'll call a hospital and tell his family. Stay with him and call for me if anything happens." The nurse said before leaving and doing as she had said.


After lunch, Ace's classes were pretty good. That Monkey kid hadn't been there so he was pretty happy. His classes were easy for once. Maybe that kid had been bad luck. Ace honestly didn't care. Even if that kid was a good luck charm, he would have easily gotten rid of the boy.

"Where's Monkey and Hatcher?" the professor asked, unknowingly taking Ace out of his thoughts.

"I thought I saw Thatch taking the kid to the nurse. The kid looked like he was unconscious too. While Thatch looked like he was panicking." One of the students answered.

Immediately, Ace felt a pang of worry from deep inside him. But why? 'I hate the brat! So… Why do I feel like I'm worried…?' Ace thought to himself before looking at Sabo from the corner of his eye. The blond looked like he was worried as well. It didn't make sense.

Frustrated, Ace stood from his seat and walked out of the room, followed by Sabo.

"You worried too?" the blond asked.

"Of course not. I just didn't want to be in there." Ace lied.

"Sure. I can see it. You're like an open book right now. You're worried and you know it." Sabo said.

"I just… Something about today… I feel like I gotta protect the little shit, ya know? Like that letter said, he's weak." Ace said.

"Let me guess. Find out who caused it and beat the shit out of 'em?" Sabo asked.

"Oh yeah." Ace growled as he cracked his knuckles before running down the halls.

Memories of Past: Chapter 3: Attack
I do not own this story. This story belongs to MaskedPyro On FanFiction.

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