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                                                               11636916 By 1roxas14-d7syru9[1] by 1Roxas14
Chapter 9: Return of a Past Enemy
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro on FanFiction. On to the story.


"I kinda woke up with a few more marks then usual…"

"You too?"


"Ace? Why are you growling?"

"Because I have an annoying voice in my head telling me to tell you how I woke up with a few extra marks as well."

"A voice?"

"Yeah. God damn idiot is in my head and won't LEAVE ME ALONE!"


'He was so shocked by Portgas' death that he couldn't move… Akainu ended up attacking him… The kid lived with a permanent reminder of his nightmare…'


"Hey, I'm not the only one that woke up and immediately thought of the tree house, right?"

"Then how about we skip school."


"Oi! Monkey! Give me my bag!"


"You idiots!"


"Whataya think? Should we eat 'em?"

"Do it! You won't regret it! I swear!"



"Yup. Mera Mera no Mi. Logia. Tastes like shit but is still pretty bad-ass."


"How do you feel…?"

"I feel almost whole."


"Oi. Lu. Say something already." Ace called.

Luffy looked up at Ace and Sabo with the biggest grin of his life. "I feel like me." Thinking about that one comment, Luffy couldn't help but laugh.

As Ace watched the younger laugh, he realized Luffy was showing the same smile as in his vision. The younger raven was happier than he had been since the two had met. Refusing to deny it, Ace was happy for the kid and started laughing with him.

Sabo watched as the two raven's laughed like hyenas. Allowing his staff to touch the floor, he leaned on the top of it and smirked at his two favorite idiots. After a few moments, Sabo started laughing just as hard as the other two.

What none of them noticed, was the extra laughter that only they could hear. The laughter that came from their past counterparts.


For the next month, the three boys weren't afraid to be themselves. They didn't cover up their marks and scars – with the exception of a few marks – even though they didn't want to answer everyone's questions. Sabo and Luffy had the most people questioning them since their scars were obvious. The two always gave the same answers to each question. Luffy would always say that it's always been there, nobody knew about it because nobody paid attention to him. Sabo would always say the burns were from a car crash years prior but he knew how to cover it up and was finally getting annoyed with hiding it. When people asked Ace about the tattoo on his left arm, he would simply say it was the result of him being too drunk on the wrong night.

What confused everyone the most, was the fact that the three were actually being nice to each other and laughing together. Even the teachers were confused. They were all used to Ace and Luffy fighting while Sabo tried to prevent a headache. Instead, they would laugh at notes they passed to each other.

After school, the three would always look around the forest and find new places. One of the first places they found was a clearing which had been turned into a simple training ground with a blackboard and some chalk. As soon as they looked at the board and saw the faded scores, they gained a memory of how their past counterparts used to train when they were kids. As soon as the memory flash ended, they had all grinned and made a decision. They would do the same training.

Every day for that month, they would go to the training grounds and fight one hundred times between themselves. With each day that passed, Ace and Luffy could feel themselves gain more control over their Devil Fruit abilities. As the two raven haired boys learned more of their abilities, Sabo learned how to use his collapsible staff. Multiple times, Luffy's attacks wouldn't end as he had wished. Often he would attack a tree or the ground rather than his target. With every mishap, Ace and Sabo would laugh – until his attack would manage to hit the bystander, causing the other to laugh alone.

(AN: This is where I stopped almost a year ago because of writers block, not knowing how to continue and not liking how I wrote it… Here's where I restarted and hope I can actually finish this chapter.)

By the end of the month, the three were pretty sure they had a few more scars then before. Ace wasn't effected by many of Luffy's attacks but, often, Sabo's attacks would manage to harm him due to the sea prism stone blade that could be brought out of Sabo's staff. Sabo was sure he had at least one or two new burns – though he almost never felt them until Ace had apologized about it. Luffy had a few scratches here and there and very few burns – though more than he had before. The three never blamed each other for their wounds. Rather, they counted it as a reason to get stronger.

It became a mindset eventually. If they got injured at all, that meant they were still weak and needed to get stronger. With each day, they would get stronger and stronger until they almost never got injured. Although they were getting stronger with each day, they're control wasn't progressing as fast.

From time to time, they would hit their surroundings and either burn something or cause a tree to fall. Though, it was rare for such events to occur.


Ace lent back in his chair with his hands behind his head as he listened to the snoring people around him and faintly listened to the lecture the teacher gave. He looked around and saw Sabo next to him looking around as well. They both looked at the empty chair on the opposite side of Sabo where Luffy usually sat.

Ace looked again at Sabo and silently asked with his eyes where Luffy was to which Sabo shrugged with somewhat worried eyes. Ace was about to speak when the bell rang, announcing it was time for lunch.

"I saw him earlier but I don't know where he went… I'm kinda worried…" Ace muttered as he packed up his stuff.

Sabo couldn't help but smile secretly. Ace and Luffy may not have realized how different they had been acting around each other lately but Sabo did. He knew full well and could easily see it. Ace would get somewhat tense whenever Luffy or Sabo wasn't around though it was only noticeable if you really searched for it. Though that went for all three. They didn't really like being separated though they did know how to live without each other.

"You shouldn't worry. If it was bad then he would have told us. He probably just fell asleep at the cliff again. If he isn't there, we can check the hideout, alright?"

Ace sighed but couldn't disagree. "Alright…" There were a few moments of silence as the two left the classroom and started heading down the memorized path to the cliff they ate at daily. "Have you heard?" He asked, trying to start a conversation.

"There's a lot of things to hear Ace. Like birds and people. Maybe even a teacher's lecture." Sabo stated, the last sentence being said a little suggestively with a raised eyebrow. When he saw the slightly annoyed expression on Ace's face, he couldn't help but chuckle.

"First of all, you're getting to be an arrogant ass." Ace stated with a smirk before continuing. "Secondly, I've seen you sleeping in class and doodling rather than taking notes."

Sabo laughed as he rounded a corner. "Alright, alright. I get it. Just messin' with ya. Jeez, when did you get so serious?"

"When you became an arrogant ass!" Ace shouted with a grin before laughing, Sabo copying the action soon after.

When Sabo stopped laughing, he turned to Ace with an easy smile and waited for Ace to catch his breath before speaking. "So what were you talking about?"

"The rumors." Ace stated, his once easy smile which mirrored Sabo's was now gone. "People are going around saying there's a new kid. They say he's an asshole that got kicked out of his last school for beating the shit out of some guys. Sent them to the hospital…"

"Seriously? Why'd they let him here?" Sabo asked, dead serious now.

"Because our school is controlled by dumb asses who believe 'everyone gets a second chance'." Ace stated, doing an air quote gesture before rolling his eyes.

Sabo sighed before thinking for a second and smirking. "Is that why you're so worried about Lu?"

Ace stopped suddenly and turned to Sabo with a serious yet worried expression. "Why wouldn't I be!? Think about it! He looks so hittable! Proof; we hit him all the time when he says something stupid! A guy minutes away from being a murderer would love to meet him and hurt him!"

Sabo sighed and stopped Ace mid-rant. "I get it. Calm down. Lu's strong. He's managed to beat us a few times in spars and we're probably the strongest people on campus and probably the best fighters too. You don't have to worry about him. Plus he's smart. He'll know to walk away before even thinking about throwing a punch."

"But what if the guy finds him!?"

"Ace! Do you know how many people are in this school? Over six thousand. Six THOUSAND, Ace. That guy isn't gonna find Lu." Sabo stated, getting slightly annoyed by his best friends worries.

Ace opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a student being thrown into him. Without even thinking about it, he instinctively turned and caught the student, turning his body along with the sudden force and weight as the person landed in his arms before he set them down upright. The student, a boy with pink hair and glasses, quickly nodded his thanks before sprinting away. Ace turned to Sabo in curiosity, silently questioning what just happened only to get a shrug in response.

"Zehahahaha! Isn't there anyone that can fight around here? I'm getting bored!" a voice yelled from down the hall which the boy came flying from.

"I guess we just found the new kid." Sabo stated with a bead of sweat on his forehead.

"Guess so…" Ace said as he looked down the hall and at the person. Instantly, he felt anger, hatred and disgust.

The student was a man somewhat taller than Ace and much wider. He had a wide mouth that was missing a few teeth and had a thin, black beard on his chin. He had somewhat curly, black hair that was mildly controlled by a dark maroon bandanna. He wore an open white shirt that showed his hairy chest and large stomach along with a yellow sash that went around the waist of his green tight pants which ended at his large black shoes. Simply put, he wasn't as visually appealing as one would hope. In fact, he appeared rather filthy.

"What the hell…? What's he doing here!?" Ace could hear Portgas shout.

'You know the guy?' Ace mentally asked, eyes widening slightly when he heard a growl in response.

"Think dumb-ass! You've been getting my memories! You should know him!" Portgas shouted, sounding furious though Ace wasn't sure if his counterpart was furious at him or the large man in front of them.

'Rather than bitch at me, how about you tell me WHO HE IS!' Ace started calmly before mentally shouting the last part of his sentence.

"That's Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard! He's the one that killed Thatch, Oyaji, Marco, Lu, Sabo and everyone else!" Portgas informed loudly though sounding distressed and livid at once.

"What…?" Ace muttered aloud by accident, eyes slightly widened in shock. "No way…"

"Ace? Is it him again?" Sabo whispered, leaning slightly closer to Ace.

"Y-yeah…" Ace stuttered, nodding slightly as he stared at Teach before turning to Sabo. "Says that's Marshall D. Teach…"

"Seriously? He's here now?" Sabo questioned with annoyance. "But why do you seem so shocked about it?"

Ace took a breath to calm himself before repeating what Portgas had told him. He watched as Sabo's face went from curiosity to shock before turning into subdued anger. "Let's just get out of here and find Lu before he sees us." Sabo said, turning towards another hall after seeing Ace nod his agreement.

"Oi! Scar-face! Freckles!" Teach yelled from the hall, causing Ace and Sabo to stop and tense before turning towards him.

"Can we help you?" Sabo asked calmly, not fully looking at Teach.

"Why do you two seem familiar?" Teach questioned, walking closer to them.

"I'm not sure. We've never met as far as I know." Sabo stated with a simple smile, though if you looked closer, it was obviously a fake.

As Teach got closer, he realized Ace had his head down slightly, enough for his bangs to cover his eyes though. "Oi. Look at me." Teach ordered, turning to Ace. When all Ace did was mildly shake his head, Teach got angry. "Looks like someone at this damn school actually has a pair!"

Ace didn't speak. Didn't move. The only sign he heard the large man was the fact that his hands had turned into loosened fists by his sides. After a few moments of silence, he spoke. "Tell me… How many people here have you hurt?"

Teach thought for a second before grinning and showing his disgusting teeth – or, rather, lack thereof. "Seems I've lost count. Though, there were some pretty interesting ones. A few actually tried to defend others, though they went down fast. Zehahahahaha!"

When he heard this, Ace's fists tightened almost to the point where his knuckles would be white. He wanted nothing more than to burn the guy but knew he couldn't. The first rule the three made when Ace and Luffy had eaten their fruits was that they weren't allowed to show off at school. Their abilities were completely off limits while outside the forest. But just because he couldn't use 'hiken' on the man in front of him, didn't mean he couldn't punch him at least.

"Ace… Don't." Sabo muttered to the boy next to him, almost as if reading the olders mind. "He's not worth it…"

Barely a second later, Sabo was replaced by the large, hairy fist that hit him. Ace watched as Sabo was nearly launched into the wall a few feet away. As he tried to process what just happened, he heard the same annoying laugh of 'zehahahahaha'. Slowly and unconsciously, Ace turned back to the large man next to him.

"'Not worth it'? That's the same thing that kid said. Zehahahahaha! He looked like a twig and no matter what I did, he didn't fight back! Just took it and acted like he was better than everyone. I'm sure he'll have more scars than just that one under his eye. Zehahahahaha!"

When Ace heard that, he froze. 'Scar under his eye…? No…' Ace thought, feeling nothing but worry, fear and complete and total hatred and anger. When he lifted his head enough for Teach to see his eyes, Teach froze. Ace's eyes held a fire much stronger than his very own flames. Before Teach could register the look fully, he felt something hit his face before he felt the wall on his back.

"Stay the fuck away from my brothers you asshole! If you ever hurt them again, I swear to every god out there that you will not live to speak of it!" Ace shouted with livid eyes as he felt the familiar heat in his hands that came before his flames.

"Ace." Sabo called calmly as he stood and wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth. He walked up to said man and placed his hand on his shoulder, ignoring the heat that emitted from it for the moment. He stepped a little closer before whispering, "Spade or Portgas, I don't care. You need to calm down before this causes too much of a scene. Like I said. He isn't worth the wasted time. Let's just find Lu and get going."

For a moment, Ace's fists tightened again before loosening almost forcefully. He took a few breaths and Sabo quickly found the heat cooling and returning to regular temperature. After a few extra breaths, they started to walk away and back down the hall they knew lead to the cliff. Before they could get further than ten feet, both heard Teach slowly getting back up and taking a step towards them. When they heard another step, though this one heavier, Sabo turned to Teach with a smile.

"Sorry, almost forgot this." Sabo stated, confusing Teach, before jumping in the air and kicking Teach in the head. The impact lasted for a few seconds before Teach was again launched but this time to the opposite wall, leaving a small crack in it. As Sabo landed softly on his feet, he smiled again. "Have a nice day. And don't let me hear that you're picking meaningless fights again."

Leaving a shocked crowd and a beaten Teach behind, Ace and Sabo walked away towards the cliff. Hoping to find Luffy.


"I don't think I've ever seen you so mad…"

"How many times do I have to say it?! It wasn't me! It was Portgas!"

After the encounter with Teach, the two had found that Luffy wasn't at the cliff like they hoped. As they were leaving school to go to the forest, Ace calmed down and started acting like himself rather than a silent, hate-filled man. When he asked what happened, Sabo explained everything. By the end of the explanation, Ace had a hardly noticeable blush of embarrassment crossing his freckled cheeks. Multiple times he tried mentally questioning Portgas but the counterpart wouldn't respond no matter how many times he tried.

Sabo hummed in thought for a moment. "That would explain why you called us your brothers…" Remembering the comment, Sabo felt a little happier. He had his brother, Stelly, and his parents but he didn't exactly like them. Ace and Luffy… They acted more like a family than his own blood relations did. Ace calling him his brother was actually somewhat heartwarming.

"What do you mean?" Ace questioned, looking at Sabo with a raised eyebrow and confused eyes.

Sabo sighed, holding his head in one hand and massaging his temple. "After you hit him, you called us your brothers idiot."

"I know." Ace stated matter-of-factly, surprising Sabo. "I was conscious for that much." He stopped and turned to Sabo at a corner, waiting for the light to change and allow them to cross the street.

"So wait… Was it you or Portgas that said it then?" Sabo asked, honestly confused.

"Both. He said it out of instinct but…" Ace sighed. "Sabo, you and Luffy are family. We both know my dad's a drunken asshole and my mom's a bitch. Neither care about me. But you two… You've done way more in this past month than my parents ever could have in my entire life. I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider you guys as family."

Sabo was frozen for a moment before grinning. "Aw~! He does care!" He laughed before seeing the light change and running across the street. "I have to tell Lu!"

"Don't you dare! Sabo!" Ace shouted as he ran after his best friend and newly claimed brother. Though as he ran, he couldn't stop the smile from spreading across his face.

                                                                  11636916 By 1roxas14-d7syru9[1] by 1Roxas14

Chapter 8: Scars

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro on FanFiction. On to the story.


After almost everything had been cleared out, Sabo stopped in front of a bag which hung from the ceiling and held three dusty cups. Gently, he lifted the bag off its hook and opened it. Slowly and delicately, he took the cups out and cleaned off the dust. When the cups were clean and could now be seen as red sake cups, he could almost feel a wave of importance emitting from them.

"Hey guys…" Sabo called. "No arguments against keeping these here, right?"

Ace and Luffy carefully walked over, avoiding any damages in the wood flooring, and looked at the three laid out sake cups. With a soft smile from both ravens, Sabo understood one thing as he put them back in the bag and rehung them.

These cups would never part from this tree house.


For the next week, the three would meet up after school and work on the tree house. Eventually, they started watching the clock just so they could go work on the tree house. As soon as the bell rang, they would run out the door and race to the forest. They would work all day and into the night, sometimes working until midnight.

At this point, they had to admit one thing. The tree house needed more work than they thought. It was fun to work on yet difficult. While working on various areas, they had found more trinkets, decorations, small clothing, blankets, and other random items. When the timer on their phones went off, they put down what they were working on and went home.

Sabo had to double check the time. He checked his phones clock, his own watch, and then looked at the sky. The sun was already down. Since they brought a few lamps, they couldn't tell what time it was, which caused them to be there past midnight and worry their families. They had been having so much fun that time just seemed to fly by. They were actually saddened when they realized how fast time had been going by.

Along with time, there were a few other things they didn't notice. The first being the cuts and scratches they were getting from bumping into the old, splintered wood. When they would wake up the next day was when they noticed the small wounds. As soon as they got to school, they would ask the other two how many new wounds they got from the previous day and laugh about it.

The other thing they didn't notice, was the fact that they were getting closer. While they would work, they would tell little funny stories. Though, at school, it looked like Ace and Luffy wanted to mutilate each other while Sabo tried to prevent a headache, they didn't hate each other that much. While listening to the others stories, they understood just why the other acted as they did.

Figuring, if they acted nice to each other at school, people would ask about how it happened and they didn't want to come up with an explanation. They figured, if they explained, someone would mention the tree house and they wanted it to be a secret. Only for them and a select few others.

As he walked home, Sabo kept imagining just what the tree house would look like when it was done. Now it didn't look so good. Hell it looked like someone just threw a bunch of wooden planks into a tree and called it done. But later it would look amazing. He knew it would.

When he got home, Sabo quickly ate his dinner and did what little homework he had for the day. He was honestly surprised for the past week. He knew the first few days back would be easy but this was almost stupid. He was sure even Ace – who slept through almost every class – would be able to understand this and get it done within an hour. Probably even in a half hour if he actually focused. So for Sabo – who was both awake during class and focusing – it was done in fifteen minutes. After that, he took his shower and went to bed.


The next morning, when Ace woke up, he immediately had one thought. It's one of those days. One of those days that you would do anything if it meant staying in bed. When he was about to fall asleep again, a current image of the tree house came to mind and he couldn't help but smile. With that picture in mind, he thought over what he wanted to do most to their hangout after school. He had been working on adding a room to another large branch that used a bridge to connect the rooms. With it decided that he would finish the flooring, make the bridge, and start the walls, Ace jumped out of bed to grab something to eat.

Ignoring the fact he wasn't wearing a shirt, Ace walked into the kitchen and made some toast. When it was perfectly golden, he put some butter on the pieces, then sprinkled some sugar and cinnamon over it. Stacking the few pieces he had on a plate – allowing the butter to melt – he grabbed the plate and went back to his room.

"Ace! I thought I raised you better! How dare you get a tattoo without my permission!" Said man heard his mother yell.

"To be honest, you didn't raise me that well…" Ace muttered before closing his bedroom door behind him. Setting the plate of toast on his bed and digging through his dresser for clothes, he remembered something she said. "Wait… Did she say tattoo?" he muttered to himself before looking at his mirror.

Ace's eyes widened when he saw his reflection. From what he could see, there were two new additions to his body, excluding the slight muscle size increase. Slowly and nervously, he raised a hand to his chest and felt the large scar that had burnt edges. When he looked down, he found it wasn't the mirror messing with him. He saw the large almost round scar that took up a good amount of his chest. When he touched it, it didn't even feel like normal skin. It felt like a burn scar.

Choosing to put that aside for now, Ace turned slightly and looked at the other mark he saw. On his left bicep was four black letters: ASCE. He stared at the tattoo for a few moments before wondering why there was an 'X' running through the 'S'. Suddenly, he remembered the picture from history a week before and the few dreams he had where Portgas appeared.

Slowly and almost nervously, Ace turned around and looked at his back through the mirror. Just as he thought. On his back was the same scar as on his chest but this time it was covered. On top of the scar was a large purple tattoo with a unique version of a skull and crossbones. Seeing the tattoo, he felt a mix of nervousness, confusion, pride, and happiness.

"It didn't get ruined…" Portgas' voice muttered with pride and joy before disappearing.

"It didn't…" Ace whispered with a small smirk before going back to his bed.

Taking a large bite out of a piece of toast, Ace picked up the tang-top he planned to where under his sleeveless hoodie and put it away before grabbing a shirt with elbow length sleeves. He quickly grabbed his jeans and boots before running to take a shower.


When Sabo woke up, he immediately thought about the tree house before looking at his clock and seeing that it was seven in the morning. Remembering school started at eight, he decided to get up. As he slowly got out of bed, he noticed something on his arm. Thinking it was just another scratch from the previous night, he ignored it. As he grabbed his clothes for the day, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get dressed. As soon as he was in the bathroom he passed the mirror and saw something on his face out the corner of his eye. Not feeling any kind of sting on his cheek, he looked at the mirror.

When he saw his reflection, Sabo was shocked. Hesitantly, he looked at his arm and saw the mark from before. It wasn't a scratch like he thought. It was much bigger. Quickly, he took off his shirt and looked at his chest. Standing in nothing but his boxers, Sabo looked up at his mirror and at his reflection.

Sabo looked at his perfectly toned chest with slight fear. It didn't look like it usually did. He looked a little more fit and was covered in burn scars. The left side of his face had a large burn mark running from his jaw to above his eye. His arms and hands had small burn marks here and there but they still stood out. His chest looked slightly larger and had a few large burn marks stretching from one side to the other. Looking at his legs, he saw the same.

"What the hell…?" Sabo muttered to himself before a high pitched yell was heard.

"Mom! Sabo's taking forever in the bathroom again!" A young boy's voice shouted.

"Go away Stelly! I just got in here!" Sabo shouted in annoyance at his younger brother. When he didn't hear anything in response, other than footsteps growing fainter as they left the area, Sabo let out an annoyed sigh. "Looks like I need to grab different clothes… But how do I cover that…?" He muttered as he looked at the scar on his face.


When Luffy woke up, he stared out his window for a little while. He honestly loved where his house was. From his window was a perfect view of the forest. A lot of people didn't want the house because of this reason but Luffy found it to be an addition to the already great house.

Remembering he was going to help Sabo with the flooring, walls, and new balcony after school, Luffy jumped out of his bed and ran to take his shower. When he was getting undressed in the bathroom, he realized something was off about his reflection. Looking at it carefully he had only one thought. "Seriously!? What the hell!?"

"What happened Luffy?" Said boy heard his father ask from the kitchen.

"N-nothing! I… I'm almost out of shampoo!" Luffy replied quickly.

"That's all? You made it sound like the end of the world." Shanks said calmly, slight disbelief in his tone.

"You aren't seeing what I'm seeing…" Luffy muttered to himself.

In the mirror, Luffy saw his chest was more defined and had a large x-shaped scar running over it. Feeling his chest, he realized the scar wasn't a prank Shanks had played while he was asleep. Then he saw the stitched scar under his left eye, he reached up and touched it. While staring at the scar, he saw a short vision of himself holding a knife above his face. Closing his eyes and wincing, the pain never came.

Remembering the water was still running in the shower, he chose to ignore the marks for a little while and take his shower. Although he wanted to ignore the marks, he couldn't. While washing his body, his fingers brushed the scar on his chest. It felt real and since water and enough scrubbing wasn't taking it off, it was.

When he was done washing himself, Luffy got out of the shower and dried himself off. Quickly, he threw on his black shirt, old denim blue shorts, and usual red jacket. When he opened the medicine cabinet on the wall, he saw a box of band-aids on the same shelf as his deodorant. Grabbing what he needed and the band-aids, he finished his morning routine and put a large enough band-aid over the scar on his cheek.

Considering it as good enough, Luffy ran out of the bathroom and to the kitchen. When Shanks turned around to give Luffy his breakfast, he noticed the band-aid. "What happened?" Shanks asked, slightly amused and wondering what this excuse would be.

"I tripped last night. Scraped my cheek." Luffy said calmly and matter-of-factly.

"Oh really?" Shanks asked, choosing to play along. "You okay?"

"Yeah. It was bleeding a little so I cleaned it up and put a band-aid on it." Luffy stated, taking the plate from Shanks and beginning to eat.

When Luffy was done eating, he said his thanks, put on his socks and black converse and ran out the door. Quickly, he ran all the way to school and to his first class. He stopped outside the door and put his hands on his knees for a few moments as he tried to catch his breath. Taking one last deep breath, he stood straight up and opened the door. Quietly, he walked in and sat at his desk next to Ace and Sabo.

"Hey, um… I know we aren't supposed to talk to each other at school but it's a little important…" Luffy whispered so that anyone else in the room didn't hear.

"I was about to say the same." Sabo whispered.

"Let's go outside. Too many people here." Ace stated.

Silently, the three stood and left the room. Quickly, they ran through the halls and outside the building. Noticing there were still a lot of people, Luffy took up the lead and ran to his secret area with Ace and Sabo in tow. When they got to the almost hidden area, Luffy slowed to a walk and felt the breeze run gently across his face. As he looked over to Ace and Sabo, he couldn't help but chuckle at their expressions.

Neither of the olders had ever seen or even knew about this area. As they looked over the cliff and into the valley, Ace and Sabo were absolutely breath taken. When they heard a small chuckle, both looked over to the younger of the three.

"Didn't know this was here, right?" Luffy asked.

"Not at all… How did you?" Sabo asked.

"A lot of free time last year. I didn't know anyone here so I tried to find an empty spot. Found this place and soon realized nobody knew about it." Luffy explained.

"So you've been keeping this amazing view to yourself? Hmph. Selfish." Ace said with a small smirk.

"If you hadn't been such a dick, I probably would have let you know about it." Luffy teased.

"Luffy, one. Ace, zero." Sabo said before chuckling.

"The only ones that know about this place are us and Thatch." Luffy stated.

"This is where you had the attack last week?" Ace asked.

"Yeah." Luffy muttered.

During the few moments of silence, Luffy realized Ace and Sabo were dressed almost strangely. Ace usually wore sleeveless shirts but this time he was wearing a white shirt with elbow length sleeves covered by a black sleeveless hoodie which had orange lining, orange strings, and an orange zipper. As usual, he wore loose and old jeans which were held up by a large belt that wrapped all the way around his waist and loosely went half way around. As a final touch, he was wearing his usual black combat boots. Why he had those, Luffy didn't know.

Sabo usually dressed simple. But today he was wearing a gray shirt underneath a long sleeved black jacket which ended at his wrists just before his gloves started to cover his hands. He wore newer boot-cut jeans that seemed to be a little too long as they covered a majority of his black boots. Ultimately, the only skin you could see on the blond was his face and part of his neck. "Sabo… Why are you dressed like that? Aren't you hot?" Luffy eventually asked.

"I kinda woke up with a few more marks then usual…" Sabo said before pulling off one of his gloves and showing some of his scars. "I'm covered in burns. They randomly appeared overnight. There's some pretty big ones on my chest and one that takes up half my face." The blond informed before rubbing off the concealer he stole from his mom, having already been annoyed by the feeling of it. When the make-up was off, Sabo took off his jacket and showed the marks on his arms.

"Damn…" Ace muttered.

"You too?" Luffy asked in shock.

"'Too'?" Sabo asked.

"Yeah. I woke up this morning with an x-shaped scar on my chest and this." Luffy said, pulling the band-aid off his cheek. "While looking at the mark on my chest, I actually found out my muscles got a little bigger…"

"Weird…" Sabo muttered.

"Tell them!" Portgas' voice shouted, causing Ace to finch at the sudden extra voice.

'How about you leave me alone?' Ace mentally asked.

"Tell them and then I will." Portgas said, a small chuckle escaping shortly after.

'Liar… Why do you always bother me!?' Ace mentally questioned.

"Because it's fun." Portgas stated simply before laughing.

'Oh fuck you!' Ace nearly growled.

"Ace? Why are you growling?" Sabo asked, snapping said raven out of his internal conversation.

"Because I have an annoying voice in my head telling me to tell you how I woke up with a few extra marks as well." Ace said, some remnants of a growl still present.

"Seriously?" Luffy questioned with disbelief.

"Yeah." Ace stated.

"A voice?" Sabo asked.

"Yeah. God damn idiot is in my head won't LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ace said, directing the last part to Portgas.

"Never!" Portgas shouted, causing Ace to growl.

"Okay then." Sabo said, not surprised or shocked in the slightest.

"What kind of marks?" Luffy asked.

"Two scars and two tattoos. With how the scars are placed, it's easy to tell they're from the same attack." Ace explained.

"Two tattoos?" Sabo asked.

Sighing, Ace lifted his left sleeve and showed the 'ASCE' tattoo with the 'X' through the second letter. "I also have Whitebeard's mark on my back above the scar. Portgas was actually pretty happy it didn't get ruined."

At the mention of the scar, Luffy remembered seeing the giant hole in Portgas' chest and back and couldn't help but flinch and look away. Unconsciously, he lifted his hand to his chest and gripped the cloth above the center of his own scar.

'Portgas? Explain?' Ace mentally asked, lowering his sleeve.

"I don't know. Lu never had that scar before… It must have happened after I died." Portgas stated.

Suddenly, Ace remembered what Luffy said the first day of history. 'He was so shocked by Portgas' death that he couldn't move… Akainu ended up attacking him… The kid lived with a permanent reminder of his nightmare…'

"S-sorry… I didn't mean to bring up the memory…" Ace muttered.

"It's alright…" Luffy said, lowering his hand to his side.

"Hey, I'm not the only one that woke up and immediately thought of the tree house, right?" Sabo asked, changing the subject.

"I actually did the same." Ace said, remembering his plans.

"Same." Luffy said, getting a little happier at the thought of working on it.

"Then how about we skip school. Honestly, I want to be comfortable but I don't want a million people asking about this." Sabo stated, pointing to the mark on his face.

"Class starts in ten. Let's grab our stuff and get going." Ace said with a smirk.

"Yosh! Let's do it!" Luffy shouted before running back to the building they just left, ignoring the fact that the band-aid was no longer on his face.

"Good idea." Ace said to Sabo as he watched Luffy run off.

"Thanks. Figured we could all use a day to just ignore things." Sabo stated. "But there are a few things I want to know."

"And they would be?" Ace pressed on.

"How did you know there were only ten minutes left? You don't have a watch."

"When you're bored, you notice weird things. Like Jasper. He always talks about how he came from the other side of school and always gets to class three minutes early. It's about a ten minute walk all the way across campus. So if he's about there," Ace said, pointing at the person in question at the bottom of the hill "then it's about seven minutes till he gets to class and he waits three minutes. Meaning, there's ten minutes left."

"Seriously? You can figure that out but you can't do your own math homework?" Sabo questioned with a sweatdrop.

"That teacher couldn't explain shit!" Ace defended.

"Fine. One more thing." Sabo stated. "Do you remember how to get back? I don't really know this part of school."

Ace stared silently at his friend for a moment before looking over the whole school. To be honest, he hadn't paid attention while following Luffy throughout school. "Um…" He sounded before finding where the two usually have their own lunch. Quickly he found a way to get there and then to the building they needed. "Yup!" Ace shouted before running off with Sabo following close behind.

While running to the classroom, Ace and Sabo had passed their first period teacher who was on their way to the room. Immediately, they ran faster to be able to get there before the teacher and be able to leave before the teacher caught them. As soon as they got close to the room, they saw Luffy holding their stuff and telling them to hurry. As soon as the older two got close enough, Luffy started running as well, officially making it a race like usual.

"Oi! Monkey! Give me my bag!"


"You idiots!"

Anyone who overheard this was immediately confused. It sounded like one of their usual arguments but it didn't at the same time. The words were right but the tone wasn't. They weren't angry in the slightest. They were laughing and joking! When people saw them run by, they could see the large grins on all three faces.

Ace and Luffy didn't give a damn if they were seen actually having fun. If people questioned it, fine. If they didn't, fine. They were having fun and that's all that mattered.

Quickly, the little race had turned into a full competition. Luffy was in front at first with Ace in second and Sabo in a close third but when they had entered the forest, the three were all tied up. Without even realizing, they were running down the same path and avoiding tall roots, rocks, and any animals that got in their way. This would have been normal to an extent but they either had their eyes closed or were focusing on the other two.

When they got close to the tree house, the three started jumping off the trees and through the branches of the large forests trees. As soon as they got to the tree house, all three of them had one foot land on the floor at the exact same time. When they landed, they immediately fell on their backs and started laughing. When they calmed down, the trio shouted "I win!" at the exact same time, causing them to laugh again.

When they stopped laughing, they were left panting and staring at the sky through the holes in the roof. All three had a grin of their own as their chests quickly rose and fell with their breathing. After a few minutes of sitting around, they all got up and started working on the tree house.


When the main building was finished, the three stood proudly and looked it. They had made it taller, wider all around, fixed the floor, added a balcony, fixed the roof, and added another door for the bridge to connect the two parts. Surprisingly, it had gone faster than they thought. At some point, Ace had stopped working on the other building and decided to help with the original causing it to be finished faster.

What surprised them most was the fact that, after cleaning it all, over half of the tree house was still good and strong. Nothing in that area had to be re-built accept for making the roof a little higher.

When looking it all over, Luffy saw something sticking out of the wall. He walked over to the area and saw a dark cloth sticking out between two pieces of wood. Looking at it carefully, he realized the two planks were parts of two small doors. Carefully, he opened the doors and saw a pile of random items.

When Ace and Sabo noticed Luffy looking through the hidden compartment, they walked over and started looking in as well. Soon enough, they were pulling out everything in the cubby. After pulling out a blanket, they found three boxes. They realized quickly that the blanket had been covering the other items and preventing them from getting too much dust.

They each reached in and grabbed one box each. When Ace opened his box, he found a folded up pair of black shorts with an orange eyelet-studded belt, a short second belt with a large red "A" on the silver belt buckle, a small blue bag, a dagger in a green sheath, a Log Pose and a red and white striped bracelet along with an orange elbow guard and red bead necklace. At the very bottom were a pair of combat boots much like his own.

In Sabo's box was a long black tailcoat with a buckle on the left sleeve, a white shirt, a black vest, a frilled cravat, and a simple belt along with a pair of loosen white pants. There was also a pair of black gloves along with a pair of black boots under it all.

Luffy's box was probably the simplest. It held a long-sleeved, four button red cardigan, a yellow sash, and blue denim shorts that were worn at the bottom along with a pair of sandals.

Looking into the compartment again, Luffy saw a few other things. Carefully, he reached in and pulled out a black, rolled up cloth. Slowly and gently, he unrolled it before gapping at it slightly. It was a black flag with the letters 'ASL' on it. The 'A' was red, the 'S' was blue, the 'L' was yellow and behind the letters was a set of crossbones.

Seeing something shine slightly, Sabo looked a little deeper and found three hats. One was a straw hat with a red band around the base. The second was a black top hat with blue goggles around the base. The last was an orange cowboy hat with two smiley medallions on a string of red beads around the base. Pulling out the top hat, he found a collapsible staff and grabbed that as well. Backing away from the other two, Sabo gently put the hat on his head before smiling and extending the staff. He flipped the staff around a few times before finally settling the top of it on his shoulder.

After getting out of his surprise, Ace reached into the compartment and picked up the cowboy hat before noticing the long strings that hung down the sides of the hat and met at a large medallion of a bull's skull which had a piece of bamboo and an orange tassel below it. After picking up the hat, he saw something else that seemed almost like controlled fire. Cautiously, he reached in and grabbed it only to find that it looked like a weird fruit.

Looking between Ace and the strange fruit, Luffy got curious about what else might be hiding in the compartment. Reaching in, he grabbed the straw hat before finding a swirly violet fruit. After looking at the fruit for a few moments, Luffy looked to Ace curiously.

"Whataya think? Should we eat 'em?" Luffy asked.

"Do it! You won't regret it! I swear!" Portgas shouted.

"No." Ace said simply, slightly glaring at the fruit in his hand.

"God damn it! Quit being a dick for five seconds and eat it!" Portgas yelled angrily.

"Ace… Is it him?" Sabo asked, causing Ace's eye to twitch in annoyance. "What's he saying?"

"He says to eat it… But he always screws with me!" Ace said.

"Listen to me for once god damn it!" Portgas shouted in annoyance.

'I did! I listened to you once and now my neighbors will never look at me the same! EVER!' Ace mentally shouted.

"I'm not messing with you this time! I swear! I promise you won't regret it! Unless you don't like fire…" Portgas said.

'Fire?' Ace asked mentally, suddenly interested.

"Yup. Mera Mera no Mi. Logia. Tastes like shit but is still pretty badass." Portgas informed calmly, although Ace could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Fine…" Ace mumbled aloud before taking a bite. "Ugh! Gross!"

"I warned you…" Portgas said, slight disgust in his voice.

Ignoring the taste, Ace continued eating the fruit until it was all gone. Just as he was about to think it didn't work, he got a vision of finding the same fruit on a beach and eating it. Suddenly, the vision was replaced by a large ship with a massive amount of people, all smiling at him. When he saw two faces – one looking like Thatch while the other he didn't know – he felt happier than he thought he could. Sadly, the next vision he saw was of Thatch. The man was face down on the deck of the ship and in a puddle of his own blood. Dead. Quickly, various islands rushed past him until he was on a desert island with Luffy. The grin on the boy's face made him want to laugh. He looked straight up goofy yet so happy. Happier than in the present day. The next thing he knew, he was on another island and fighting a fat and grotesque man.

During the fight, he saw flashes of different fire based attacks. With each attack he saw, he could also feel each attack coming from him and hitting whoever it was aimed at. During every vision, he heard nothing but the names of the attacks and how they each sounded. Nothing interrupted the sounds or visions.

The last vision he saw was of himself in a tunnel of fire. "You've always been like this! Luffy! You've never listened to me… And always did such crazy things!"

"Ace!" Said man heard Luffy yell.

Quickly, he looked up at his little brother and smiled. He looked down at his hands before turning one into fire. He closed his eyes and listened to the crackling of the flames and focused on the feeling. He finally felt whole.

He never knew what it was but Ace always felt like something was missing. During the past week, he realized it wasn't only part of him that was missing. The past week made him realize a majority of him was never really there. When he met Sabo for the very first time, he felt like he gained an important part of him. Even if he wouldn't admit it then, he felt the same when he met Luffy. Though that feeling grew much stronger during the past week. With the Mera Mera no Mi in his control, he felt like he gained even more of himself.

"How do you feel…?" He could hear Sabo ask.

When he opened his eyes, Ace had only one thing to say. "I feel almost whole."

When Sabo heard that, his eyes widened. He knew about Ace's little secret ever since they were kids. Ace had felt whole only once in his life and that was when he was very young. His angry, hate-filled, almost abusive parents took that away from him though. That day, many years ago, Ace lost the people he was supposed to consider family. But today, almost fifteen years later, Ace had regained at least part of that feeling.

"Really?" Luffy asked before looking at the fruit in his hands. "I wonder what that's like…"

Choosing not to think about it, Luffy bit into the fruit. Not focusing on the taste, he ate the rest. Immediately, he saw his father and himself in an old and worn bar. Mountain bandits walked in and started picking on his father. He got so angry about his father not beating them up that he took a weird fruit out of his fathers treasure chest and ate it. His father panicked and tried to get him to spit it out only for him to stretch and nearly hit the ground.

Before any pain came, he saw other visions. His father losing an arm. A promise and a dream. Meeting two kids that looked a lot like Ace and Sabo. Fighting those kids. Hunting random animals for dinner. Running around a jungle for years. A marine base. Two friends. Now three and a ship. Now five. Another. Fighting to protect all of his friends. Only four stay on the ship with him. A giant whale. More new friends. A talking reindeer. Another friend. Saving a country and gaining a new friend. Losing a friend. Declaring war on the world. Saving a friend but losing the ship. A new ship and a new friend. Regaining an old friend. Meeting another friend. Separation. War. Death.

The visions stopped at the death. The death he'd seen more than once and never wanted to see again. The death that would forever be etched into his heart, mind, soul and chest.

As the visions stopped, he started hearing multiple names of attacks and other random names. With each call Luffy heard himself say, he could feel his body stretch with it. He could feel his arms going further than they ever should be able to go. He felt as each limb stretched as he wanted it to and collided with whoever it did.

Focusing on the feeling, Luffy noticed it wasn't as Ace said. It was better. He felt like himself! Not like he was watching through someone else's eyes! He felt like he could do anything he wanted. That no rule could stop him. Nothing could limit him.

"Oi. Lu. Say something already." Ace called.

Luffy looked up at Ace and Sabo with the biggest grin of his life. "I feel like me." Thinking about that one comment, Luffy couldn't help but laugh.

As Ace watched the younger laugh, he realized Luffy was showing the same smile as in his vision. The younger raven was happier than he had been since the two had met. Refusing to deny it, Ace was happy for the kid and started laughing with him.

Sabo watched as the two raven's laughed like hyenas. Allowing his staff to touch the floor, he leaned on the top of it and smirked at his two favorite idiots. After a few moments, Sabo started laughing just as hard as the other two.

What none of them noticed, was the extra laughter that only they could hear. The laughter that came from their past counterparts.

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Chapter 7: The Tree House

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro on FanFiction. On to the story.


At this point, Sabo didn't want to try and figure out the weird thoughts. He felt too happy. When he opened his eyes, he could feel his grin. When looking around, his eyes stopped on Luffy. He stood from his chair and slowly walked over to the youngest person in the room before wrapping an arm around the boy's shoulders and grinning at him.

"I don't care if I'm going insane or what. I'm proud to have you as my little bro. Whether you like it or not." Sabo said, causing Luffy to grin and hug him.

When seeing the blond and younger raven hugging, Ace decided to jump in. "Whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me too. So make room." Ace said before jumping on the bed and hugging both of them.

The room echoed with their laughter. When they were done laughing, they all separated but stayed on the bed. Even if Ace and Luffy didn't like each other much, they still felt happier with the other next to them, although they wouldn't admit it.

About a half hour later, Ace, Sabo and Luffy had all fallen asleep next to each other. Shanks couldn't help but smile and chuckle quietly. 'Idiots… They go around acting like they hate each other only to end up doing this. At least they're being themselves again.' He thought to himself before noticing a nurse come to the door.


"I don't like him, so why would I defend him? I never lie, so why would I now? I'm a better doctor than anyone in this hospital will ever be, so do you expect me to be incorrect?" Law questioned.

The nurse was shocked into silence while Thatch and Shanks were trying not to laugh – though for different reasons. Thatch was amazed at the fact that Law had said it all with a completely straight face and was laughing at the nurse's shocked face as well. Shanks had one thought running though his mind. 'Welcome back 'Surgeon of Death' Trafalgar Law!'

Later that day, Luffy was released from the hospital.


When Luffy returned to school the next day, he was surrounded by worried people. Some asked what happened, if he was alright, if he should be at school, and other alike questions. While others just ignored him. What they didn't notice was Ace's expression. He wasn't glaring at the younger who just entered the room. Instead he seemed rather bored. Classes had actually been somewhat boring due to the two not fighting. Even their teachers were slightly confused about the calmness. It was almost unnerving. That is, until they realized the loudest people were asleep. Ace, Sabo, Luffy, Law and Thatch were all asleep.

Luffy's arms were crossed on the table and being used as a pillow with his head down, snoring silently. Ace had his elbow on the desk and was leaning the side of his head against his fist. Sabo was leaning back in his chair with his head slightly lowered along with his arms crossed loosely over his chest. Thatch had one arm bent with his forehead resting on it while the other hand hung over the table. Law was sitting up straight and seemed awake until you realized his eyes were closed and his pen wasn't moving.

After a few minutes, Ace's head fell and hit the table. At the sudden sound and motion, Ace, Sabo and Luffy woke up. Quickly, Ace and Luffy looked around while Sabo discreetly looked between the two through the corner of his eyes. When Ace and Luffy stopped looking around, they noticed the other was looking around as well. Sighing in annoyance, they halfheartedly glared at each other.

"What the hell, Spade?" Luffy muttered quietly.

"Shut up Monkey…" Ace mumbled, his hand covering part of his mouth.

"Stop it." Sabo whispered in a slightly scolding tone, causing both raven-haired men to groan before going back to sleeping as they were before.

A few minutes later, the three were awakened by someone screaming "MY HAIR!". Looking around rapidly, yet again, all eyes fell on Thatch who looked utterly terrified. After all shock wore off, everyone in class were laughing except for a select few. Law had awoken but chose to stay quiet, only barely chuckling. The teacher had sighed in frustration before leaving the class, quietly muttering about the rest of the class day being a free day. Ace was shaking his head side to side slowly while wearing a small smirk. Sabo was smiling and laughing quietly at their friend. Luffy was laughing hard enough that he had to hold his stomach. Thatch, on the other hand, had been so embarrassed that he was trying to hide his face.

Seeing as how it was their last class for the day, Ace, Sabo and Luffy all grabbed their things and left the room. All three still smiling at the fact that the sound of laughter was echoing throughout the halls behind them. When they noticed they were the only ones in the hall, Ace and Luffy were relieved. True, they had a better understanding of each other and were able to smile in the others presence but they didn't want anyone else to know. They wanted it to stay how it was to a certain extent. They wanted the school to think they hated each other still. To them, it was still fun fighting, although they wouldn't use that wording to admit it.

After getting to the schools front gates, the three nodded to each other and silently said their goodbyes before going their separate ways. After the two ravens left his view, Sabo made a change in destination. He wasn't going home. He was going to the place he saw in his dream. While he was asleep in class, he had a dream about the forest just outside of town and a certain place in the forest.

Quickly, he followed the trail he saw in his dream and was surprised when he realized the path was actually there. Following a path that looked like it hadn't been touched in hundreds of years, Sabo actually felt almost comfortable. Looking around while walking, he took in the appearances, sounds and feels of the area around him.

Closing his eyes momentarily, he heard the sounds of insects buzzing, monkey's calling, birds chirping, tree frog's croaking, the wind gently causing the branches to sway, and… 'Shouting?'

Quickly, Sabo opened his eyes and looked above him only to see an old and worn tree house. Looking around, he found a few trees that seemed to just lead straight to the house. Unconsciously, he ran at the first tree before kicking off its trunk and jumping to the next. He repeated this action a few times until he had grabbed the bottom of the door.

Hanging onto the edge for a few moments, testing whether the old tree house was sturdy enough, Sabo was able to hear the argument clearer. After a few moments, he couldn't help but sweatdrop when he realized who the voices belonged to. Silently and almost gracefully, Sabo pulled himself up and into the small house before sitting at the entrance and watching the two fight.

"What the hell are you doing here, Monkey!?"

"I asked you first, Spade!"

"Well I was here first so you have to answer my question first!"

"I would have gotten here first! I just got a little lost…"

"So your stupidity got in the way?"

"Hey! I'm not stupid!"

"You're both idiots if you ask me." Sabo stated calmly from his cross-legged position at the door.

"Sabo!" Ace and Luffy called in surprised unison, both glaring at each other again.

"Stop it." Sabo muttered while standing. "I swear. I'm gonna start saying that without even thinking one day…"

"How'd you know about this place?" Ace asked, choosing to give up the glaring contest.

"While in class, I had a dream about building it. Although, it was a lot cleaner and didn't have so many holes." Sabo explained.

"Same. But in the dream, it was bigger. Like, a lot bigger." Ace mentioned.

"Why don't we fix it up? Make it bigger, cooler, stronger. At least fix the holes." Luffy suggested.

"That's… actually a good idea." Sabo said, slightly shocked.

"Maybe even make this place into a hangout. It has to have different rooms though." Ace stated.

"Agreed." Luffy said.

"Alright. I say we start as soon as possible." Sabo said with a small yet excited smile.

"Sweet." Ace muttered with an amused smirk.

"Let's do it!" Luffy shouted before climbing out of the tree house, followed by Ace and Sabo.

As they each started heading home or to nearby shops to get anything they would need, Sabo couldn't help but look back and question a few things. 'That tree house… It was built hundreds of years ago yet nobody has ever found it let alone ever been able to get into it… So… How did we know? And how did I see myself building it in that dream…?'


A half hour later and the three were back with all kinds of supplies. Brooms and dust pans to planks and nails. Jumping off the trunks of trees like before, Sabo reached the doorway and tossed down a rope while holding one end. Quickly, Ace tied the mid-section of the rope around the planks before grabbing the other end of the rope. Taking the same path as Sabo, Ace helping the blond to pull up the wood. While they were pulling it up, Luffy was grabbing the toolbox, brooms, and a few other various items before jumping off a few different trees and putting the items down inside one of the windows.

When everything was up, they started working. Immediately, Luffy swept out all the dust and leaves while Ace and Sabo were tossing any broken boards and branches out onto the forest floor. When they came across anything that looked like it was left behind by the original owners, they would gently put it in one of the bags they brought along.

After almost everything had been cleared out, Sabo stopped in front of a bag which hung from the ceiling and held three dusty cups. Gently, he lifted the bag off its hook and opened it. Slowly and delicately, he took the cups out and cleaned off the dust. When the cups were clean and could now be seen as red sake cups, he could almost feel a wave of importance emitting from them.

"Hey guys…" Sabo called. "No arguments against keeping these here, right?"

Ace and Luffy carefully walked over, avoiding any damages in the wood flooring, and looked at the three laid out sake cups. With a soft smile from both ravens, Sabo understood one thing as he put them back in the bag and rehung them.

These cups would never part from this tree house.

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