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My One Piece folder in favorites is being remolded so bare with me. It's going to be messy for a while.
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                                                                            11636916 By 1roxas14-d7syru9[1] by 1Roxas14

I DO NOT OWN ANY THING, NOT EVEN THIS STORY!!! This story belongs to MaskedPyro on FanFiction. On to the story .

"Wait, what!? I don't remember any of that! And why would I cry about Spade!? I hate him! Always have, always will!" Luffy shouted.

"At least we can agree on one thing." Ace muttered.

"Stop it." Sabo growled with annoyance.

"But Sabo!" Ace and Luffy whined.

"No buts! Now stop whining!" Sabo commanded.

"Fine…" Ace and Luffy muttered, before looking at each other in shock then looking away.


The room was silent. Law had been looking through Luffy's health records, still checking if there were any true issues with the younger raven. Ace was silently drinking his coffee while looking around the room and watching everyone from time to time, only stealing small glances at Luffy and wondering why the boy was staring out the window. Shanks had resorted to the same as his son, staring out the window that is. Lastly, Sabo and Thatch were having a near silent conversation about how confusing Ace and Luffy could be.

Suddenly, Sabo looked like he remembered something before he turned to Law. "Oi. Didn't you say you wanted to ask Luffy some questions?" Sabo asked, causing everyone to look at him then to Law.

"Yes, I would. I would like to know if this theory of mine is correct or otherwise." Law informed.

"What?" Luffy asked, a confused expression on his face along with a tilted head.

"He wants to ask you some questions dumbass." Ace muttered into his coffee, getting another sip.

"What'd you say Spade!?" Luffy yelled.

"Calm down Luffy." Shanks said softly, placing a calming hand on his son's shoulder.

"Yeah. Also, just so you know, Ace doesn't know how to show emotions very well but he's still worried." Sabo said with a small smirk while glancing at Ace.

Ace simply looked at Sabo before stealing a quick glance at Luffy and finally settling on the very interesting doorway. Luffy watched Ace with confusion and curiosity before shrugging it off and turning to Law. "It's just questions right? Go ahead."

"Technically it's not questions. I'm going to say some names and I want you to imagine the people behind those names. If you feel like you will react in anyway, just let it happen. Do not resist." Law said, taking up the chair at the foot of Luffy's bed.

"Alright. Shoot." Luffy said closing his eyes.

Law pulled out his notebook from his bag and looked at a list of names. Quickly he skimmed through the list before settling on a person of much interest. "Gol D. Roger."

Luffy, in his mind's eye, didn't see anything. He looked around the dark space in his mind, but saw nothing. Although the image was missing, the thought of the man wasn't. He heard a voice, that sounded somewhat like his father, telling him stories of the first – and only – Pirate King. He started getting excited, unable to stop the grin from spreading across his face. He remembered imagining himself as a Pirate King, as the freest man in the entire world. But there was one issue with this. Luffy had never dreamt of being like that man, let alone picturing himself in the man's position.

"Alright." Law muttered under his breath as he wrote down what he noticed. "Next is Dark King Silvers Rayleigh."

This time, an image had been seen in front of him. A tall man with white hair and a strange beard. The man looked almost homeless, but Luffy knew otherwise. This man was strong. Very strong. There was no denying the fact. Rayleigh had been the one to teach the second Pirate King a good amount of his abilities and was the first mate on the first Pirate King's ship. Luffy was honored to have met the man, let alone be trained by him. Luffy grinned and even let out a small 'shishishi'.

"Now, Edward 'Whitebeard' Newgate." Law listed.

It took merely a moment for the image of the massive man to appear before Luffy's mind's eye. Luffy grinned at the image of the smiling giant before the mans image changed. They were surrounded by a battlefield and the man was heavily injured. Immediately, Luffy's happy expression turned sad. He didn't understand why he could only imagine the man like that.

Law wrote down the expressions before saying the next name. "Whitebeard Pirates First Division Commander – and later Captain – Marco the Phoenix."

Luffy saw the pineapple headed man and smiled. Quickly the image of the man turned into a blue phoenix with gold accents. Luffy's smile turned into one of pure amazement and wonder. After a few moments, his smile turned into one of pride. Pride for knowing someone so kind and awesome. Most of all, he was happy this man was able to help his brother.

'Brother?' Luffy thought curiously.

"Lu?" Shanks questioned quietly.

"N-nothing. Just a weird thought." Luffy muttered.

"That's what Ace said..." Sabo said to himself, though everyone heard.

"Spade went through this too?" Luffy asked with slight annoyance, opening his eyes slowly.

"Yeah... He told me to imagine a guy and I unconsciously thought I knew him when I didn't." Ace mumbled.

After a quick moment, Luffy lifted a hand to his head before pointing a finger and slowly spinning it, whistling like a cuckoo bird.

"Oh yeah? If I'm crazy then what was your thought?" Ace questioned with some annoyance.

Luffy looked away. "I uh... unconsciously thought I had a brother..."

"That's not weird." Thatch stated.

"I'm an only child." Luffy said, turning back to Thatch.

"Oh." Thatch sounded.

"Back to the names if we may?" Law asked.

"Sure." Luffy said, turning back to Law and closing his eyes again.

"How about... Monkey D. Garp?" Law questioned slowly.

Immediately, Luffy shivered and held his head, causing Shanks to hold back a chuckle. After some moments, Luffy eased up and had a smile on his lips.

Law wrote down the simple reaction before going to the next name. "Boa Hancock."

Luffy flinched at the image of a tall woman running at him with arms wide open. Next he imagined her voice and her constant mentions of love and marriage causing his left eye to twitch slightly. After a little bit of time, though, he showed a smile as an image of the lovesick beauty helping him save his brother appeared.

'There it is again. That word... Why do I keep thinking of that?' Luffy thought to himself.

"Next let's say... Monkey D. Dragon." Law suggested.

Luffy sat in slight confusion. The only image he could see of the man was of him in a cloak and his face hidden by the hood's shadow. But then a moment of realization struck. 'He saved my brother... Plus he's my dad. I guess he's pretty cool.' Luffy thought with a small smile.

'Wait what? Seriously! Why do I keep thinking I have a brother!? And why did I call him my dad!?' Luffy though to himself as he sighed.

Taking the last reaction as another 'weird thought', Law continued. "Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard."

Luffy's eyebrows shot up in shock. Soon his expression turned angrier and angrier, turning into pure fury. Shortly after, his entire body started shaking in pure hatred, shocking everyone in the room. Luffy was obviously furious with the man.

"Luffy. Calm down. It's only a name and image." Shanks reassured.

"Yeah... The name and image of the bastard that caused those scars over your eye and the death of one of my brothers. If I ever see him again, I promise I'm going to murder him in the most painful way imaginable." Luffy growled. He wasn't just furious – he was absolutely livid.

"Luffy..." Shanks muttered under his breath, completely shocked.

Shanks wasn't the only one in shock. Everyone in the room had presumed Luffy to be the simple minded and happy kid. Even when he was arguing with Ace, he was never this furious.

"Calm down. You know exactly how I got my scar. I wasn't paying attention and got into a car accident. The glass from the windshield cut me. That's all. That man had nothing to do with it." Shanks reassured, putting his left hand of Luffy's shoulder, causing the boy to flinch slightly.

Luffy silently turned his head towards Shanks' hand and stared at it, even with his eyes closed. His face saddened at the memory of hearing his father was in the hospital before reaching to put his had on his father's. For a split second, before their hands touched, a feeling of fear shot through Luffy. Suddenly he felt as if his father's hand wouldn't be there when he tried to touch it and he'd be missing his left arm when he opened his eyes. That feeling washed away when Shanks moved his hand and held Luffy's, comforting the young raven.

"Let's try something on a slightly better note, shall we?" Shanks asked Law calmly.

"O-of course. Shall we say... the Strawhat Pirates?" Law said quietly.

Luffy's fearful expression changed to that of pure joy. He saw the faces of the entire crew, excluding the captain. "Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook..." Luffy muttered aloud unknowingly. He saw the Strawhat pirate flag and couldn't help but grin before going back to looking at the eight grinning faces he knew as family.

"Alright. Now I'm going to say a few familiar names but I want you to imagine their past selves of these people. Understand?" Law informed, gaining a nod from Luffy. "Good. Let's start with... Perhaps 'Akagami' Shanks Le Roux."

Instantly, Luffy grinned one of his biggest grins, one that nearly split his face. He let out a small laugh as he reached for his head, pouting slightly when he felt nothing but his own hair. Next he reached for the back of his neck but found nothing. He turned his head as if looking for something, yet his eyes stayed closed. When he stopped 'looking' around, his head fell slightly, as if depressed. Shanks reached over and ruffled the boy's hair with a grin of his own.

"Sorry Shanks... I lost your treasure..." Luffy whispered sadly, allowing only Shanks to hear him.

"You don't have to worry. I know exactly where it is. Also, you don't really need it as much do you? You already accomplished your goal, right?" Shanks asked just as quietly.

Luffy grinned again. "Yeah... Thanks Shanks. Shishishi! That rhymed."

Shanks laughed, "It did, didn't it?"

"Um... Next?" Law asked when the two stopped laughing.

"Yosh! I'm ready!" Luffy said with a grin.

"Alright. 'Surgeon of Death' Trafalgar Law." Law said slowly, trying to hide his slight smile.

"Torao!" Luffy shouted with a grin when he imagined the tattooed captain, causing Law to sigh and lose the barely visible smile. Luffy couldn't stop his giggles as he still held the image of an annoyed pirate captain. A few moments later, his giggles ceased and he reached for his chest. After a few moments of his hand sitting flat on his chest, Luffy showed a small thankful smile as he remembered the pirate doctor saving his life.

After massaging away his on coming headache, Law wrote down the expressions and movements before saying the next name. "The Second Pirate King, 'Strawhat' Monkey D. Luffy."

Luffy sat there for a moment, focusing on the image. Mostly focusing on the scar on his chest and how cool it looked. He grinned the same grin his counterpart showed causing both to let out the same unique laughter. "We'll meet again." Strawhat said before fading away, leaving Luffy confused.

"What is it?" Sabo asked.

"The image... He... He spoke." Luffy said.

"What'd he say?" Thatch asked.

"He said 'We'll meet again.' Whatever that means." Luffy said.

"Strange. However, there's only two names left that I would like you to imagine. Shall we finish up?" Law asked.

Ace and Sabo froze when they heard Law's comment. Only two left. If Law was saying the same as before, then both boys knew who he was going to name next. Them. Suddenly they both felt a lump in their throats along with fear and some worry over what they would hear. They didn't know why though. It wasn't like those people were them. Yeah they shared the same first names and the same looks but that was it. So why were they so nervous?

Thatch looked at the two in confusion. Both had slightly widened eyes and were staring straight at Luffy. Almost as if they had each received a slap in the face. He could tell both the blond and the freckled raven were nervous but he didn't understand why.

"Sure." Luffy finally said.

"Let's go with... The Revolutionaries Head of Staff, 'Mad Hatter' Sabo." Law said, unknowingly causing Sabo to tense up.

His name. Law had said his name and Luffy had even reacted yet. Was that good? Or was it bad? Did Luffy hate him for missing twelve years of his life? Sabo was so lost in thought and the idea of the younger raven hating him that he didn't even realize half of his thoughts. However, Sabo was broken out of his thoughts when he saw Luffy grin.

Luffy saw the tall blond dressed almost like a noble and couldn't help but grin at him. It was his brother. The brother he thought had been dead for a majority of his life. For twelve years the man in front of him had been claimed as dead but was now standing there with a huge grin. Luffy was happy. Happier than he had been all day. He didn't know if Law could see how happy he was but he didn't care. He had his missing brother and that's all that mattered.

Seeing the large grin, Sabo couldn't help but smile slightly and ease up. He wasn't hated like he thought he would be. Instead his little brother was happy. If the young raven was happy, then so was he.

'Little brother?' Sabo thought to himself curiously.

"Last," Law said, unknowingly bringing Sabo out of his thoughts. "Whitebeard Second Division Commander, 'Fire Fist' Portgas D. Ace."

Ace could have sworn he felt his heart stop for a few seconds. He felt like he couldn't breathe. Law had said his name. Luffy was still grinning but he was sure that was because the younger raven was still picturing Sabo's counterpart. He felt as if time itself had frozen. His heart, his breathing, even time, had all stopped due to how nervous he was and how afraid he was of what Luffy's reaction might be.

'Please don't be upset with me... I'm sorry I lied and broke our promise... I'm sorry I died like that... Please don't hate me Lu...!' A voice said, no, pleaded.

Ace could help but silently beg for the same.

Luffy saw a very familiar image. One of his oldest brother. The brother that had been by his side for so long. He saw Ace. That usual grin that Luffy couldn't help but be happy around. The sparkle of adventure in his eyes that Luffy couldn't help but imitate. The strength that his shirtless upper half seemed to show off, the strength that Luffy held as a goal to one day gain. Ace was his big brother that he couldn't help but be proud of in every way. But it was all taken away with the next image. His brother in his arms, covered in his own blood that seemed to pour out of the whole in his chest. The sad smile he had and those final words. 'Thank you... For loving me...!' seemed to echo in the darkness around the two. "Ace..." Luffy whispered sadly, tears unknowingly streaming from his eyes and down his cheeks, later falling from his chin and onto the bed sheets. His beloved older brother had died in his arms after finally finding a reason to live. Luffy felt broken in more ways then one.

Part of him called it an illusion. An illusion that he should just ignore and move away from. Yet that was the part that was crying. The other part of him was the consciousness of his past counterpart, not allowing him to move due to the shock of having to live through the pain yet again.

Suddenly, Luffy felt strong arms wrap around him. He opened his eyes slowly and saw nothing but a clothed chest. He hugged the man back, knowing full well who it was. "Ace..." he whispered again.

"I'm sorry Lu..." Ace whispered back, just loud enough for Luffy to hear and no one else.

"You promised you wouldn't die..." Luffy whispered into Ace's chest.

"I know... But I'm here now, aren't I? I won't make you go through that again. Ever again." Ace said, holding Luffy for a few moments longer before letting go and going back to his seat.

Luffy wiped his tears away before looking at the other occupants of the room, all, except Ace, had wide eyes. "What?" Luffy asked.

"I thought you two hated each other! Why are you hugging all of a sudden!?" Thatch questioned.

"What!? I hate the little shit! Why would I even touch that piece of trash!? Let alone hug him!" Ace shouted in annoyance.

"Exactly!" Luffy shouted in agreement, his expression changing to one of disgust for agreeing with the man he hated.

Shanks couldn't hold it back anymore. He let out a laugh he'd been holding back for the past few minutes, eventually clutching his stomach. Soon enough, his laughter turned silent. This action causing the rooms occupants to become further confused. After some time, Shanks had calmed down and was regaining his breath, his large grin never leaving. "You idiots." Shanks muttered playfully.

"What are you talking about, Dad?" Luffy asked.

"I think this would be a good time to tell you-"

"Shanks! Get over here you damned drunkard!" A voice called from the doorway, interrupting said red-head.

Shanks turned to the man at the door and grinned even more at the sight of the man. The owner of the voice was a tall man with long black hair tied at the back of his neck. He wore a black, skin tight v-neck and dark green cargo pants that were tucked into black buckled boots along with a yellow sash around his waist.

"Don't complain about my drinking when you're always right there with me!" Shanks told the man, his grin still present.

"Please try to remember you're in a hospital..." Sabo sighed, hoping the two would quiet down and the newest visitor would put out his cigarette.

"Sorry." Benn said past his cigarette before looking back to Shanks. "We have a few matters we need to discuss involving work. Time to go."

"Fine..." Shanks said with a small pout.

"Wait. What were you going to tell us?" Luffy asked.

"Hold onto that thought. I'll tell you some other time." Shanks said with a smirk before walking out with Benn.

"What's your dad do for a living, Luffy?" Thatch asked.

"Dunno. Every time I ask he just says it's a secret..." Luffy muttered still looking at the door.

"Weird..." Sabo whispered.

"Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess." Ace muttered before walking out to get more coffee, feeling Luffy's glare on his back.

Ace was walking quietly through the halls to the coffee stand he went to earlier. Sadly, upon his arrival at said stand, he noticed nobody was there and the little 'closed' sign on it. Letting out a sigh, he turned to search for another stand. After some minutes, he started getting frustrated.

'How big is this place?' Ace thought to himself while staring at a map that showed all of the wings of the hospital.

"Oh come on Benn!" A voice, sounding a lot like Shanks, whispered from around the corner.

"No means no, Captain." Benn's voice said calmly.

Curious as to what the two were talking about, Ace quietly walked over to secretly look around the corner so he could see the two and listen in. "Can't we do something?" He heard Shanks ask.

"They have to figure it out on their own." Benn stated.

"But they're brothers! They shouldn't hate each other like this!" Shanks whispered with slight annoyance.

"Ace and Luffy can take care of it themselves. Remember what Luffy told you all those years ago? Ace hated him but he never gave up and eventually they became brothers with Sabo. They did it before, they can do it again." Benn tried to reason.

'What? Brothers? They have to be talking about a different Ace, Luffy, and Sabo.' Ace thought to himself.

"Come on Benn! It breaks my heart seeing Luffy like that! He's supposed to be happy all the time and love everyone! That's why I liked the kid so much before! Now that he's my son, it's even worse seeing him that upset." Shanks nearly begged.

"Please stop reminding me of that little fact. I know you loved the kid back then but it's still weird knowing that he came from you." Benn said with a small smirk.

"Is that an insult!? Just so you know, I would have easily adopted the boy back then. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I was a wanted pirate and he'd be in danger. I couldn't risk it. But now he's truly my son and I want to tell him the truth about all of this." Shanks said seriously with a small hint of sadness.

'Pirate? But... They haven't been around in hundreds of years! And what's up with all this 'now he's my son' shit!?' Ace mentally questioned.

'Don't you recognize him? Try imagining him missing an arm and having a sword sitting on his hip.' A voice said.

'Wha-? Wait... Akagami!? As in Akagami Shanks!? The yonko from the Great Pirate Era!?' Ace shouted mentally, his eyes widening when finally figuring it out.

'Look who's thinking for once!' The voice said with a chuckle before vanishing.

Benn sighed, interrupting Ace's inner conversation. "Shanks... Give it some time. The boy trusts you with all his being. Always has, always will. When he starts regaining memories, he'll come to you and that's when you can tell him. If his counterpart hasn't already done so, that is."

"I guess you're right. Thanks Benn." Shanks said with a small, grateful smile.

"Of course, Captain." Benn said with a small smile of his own.

My One Piece folder in favorites is being remolded so bare with me. It's going to be messy for a while.
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